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From Old into New: How to turn a Skirt into a Loop

Today we celebrate a little premiere: From old into New! I think it’s the most sustainable way to get to new clothes to upcycle an old piece into a new one! The first article in this new category is about turning an old skirt into a loop scarf. It’s really easy. You can create something completely new out of something old. Isn’t that amazing?



All you need:
a long knitted skirt
sewing needle
sewing thread

Take the skirt in your hands and start to roll┬áone opening up. Do this loose not to firm. Finally, the end of the skirt should lie on the inside of the loop. Now it’s time to fix it with the ends. Take your sewing thread, make a knot and start sewing with small stitches as you can see it on the pictures.



Don’t forget to sew on in the end. Just make same small stitches on a certain space.
If my explanations are not clear enough and you don’t know what to do, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!! I’ll try to explain it in more detail ­čÖé


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