Let me be your boyfriend – with MUD JEANS

Those of you, who have already read the December favourites know MUD JEANS. I love to show new fair fashion and sustainable brands to you. It sometimes really is easy to do the right things. You can really change something with consuming products that are produced eco friendly and fair traded. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

MUD JEANS is a jeans brand from the Netherlands. They dream of a world without waste. Recycled Denim is turned into beautiful jeans, cardigans and many more! Did you know the production of one pair of jeans will waste 7000 liters of water?! Recycling really seems to be more than reasonable here. This label focuses on jeans. Therefore I present it to you with a pair of boyfriend jeans. And yes, this is the very first time for me to own boyfriend jeans! This model is called Boyfriend Basin and I just love it!! They are comfy, well made and I could wear them around all day long. Not to forget: They are certified by many organisations like Fairtrade for example. MUD JEANS offered me a promotion code for you guys. Get a discount of 10€ with keepcalmitsvegan when you order at MUD JEANS online shop.

And what do you think of my new shoes? I am so happy these Stella McCartneys found their way to my closet. Santa knows what I like and I have wanted them for ages. (At least it feels like it) 🙂
I’m in love. Not only with the Jeans and the shoes but with my favourite necklace these days by Bu Designs. It’s sustainable and fair produced and just awesome!











What I wear (100% VEGAN): Jeans from MUD JEANS (fair produced and recycled, use the code keepcalmitsvegan to get a 10€ discount), shoes from Stella McCartney, necklace from bu Designs (fair and sustainable), bag from Angela Roi (fair produced), trench coat and shirt from American Apparel (Sweatshop free)

I know you can not see the American Apparel trench coat on  these pictures so well but you will definitely meet it in a few outfit posts very soon. The material is called faux silk and feels very nice!

Location Inspiration from LES FACTORY FEMMES


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