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Healthy Apple Rings: 0% Gluten, Wheat, Sugar & Soy

I can’t describe how delicious these healthy babies taste! To be honest I made apple rings for the first time​ in my life​ and I’m really happy the​y​ turned out to be so tasty. I​ am always interested in finding healthy alternatives for actually unhealthy meals​ as you already know. ​These apple rings are the ​best ​example for the perfect result of such an experiment! Enjoooooooy your super healthy homemade apple rings!



Ingredients for 10 apple rings:
two apples
50 ml almond milk
50 ml water
125g flour (I used chickpea flour and chestnut flour)
sweetener of your choice (agave syrup e.g)
one banana
coconut oil

Ingredients for the ice-cream:
two bananas

Instructions: I​f​ you want to enjoy your apple rings with banana ice-cream, don’t forget to put two bananas in the freezer before you start making the rings. Later you just puree the bananas and voila, this is your super healthy homemade banana ice.
One hour later: It’s time to puree the almond milk, the water, flour, one banana and a sweetener of your choice. I used Agave. Peal the apples and remove the core. Cut them into rings, about 7mm thick. Put coconut oil in a little pan. ​You should have enough fat in there to nearly cover the apple rings. Cover the apple rings with the viscid dough and put it in the heated coconut oil. Roast it until both sides are brown. Serve the warm apple rings with a sweetener of your choice, cinnamon and banana ice-cream! Enjoy!!







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