Fair-Fashion-Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Thank you for coming back again for my second outfit post in February. This time I combined a relaxed look for everyday. I am very happy to announce that all these pieces are fully vegan. Moreover these clothes are all produced consciously. You can see that in more detail at the end of this post 🙂

These sneakers by Ahimsa are truly amazing. They are sustainable and fair produced and look great. I tried to wear them as often as possible recently in order to give you information about the quality. I found out that these sneakers are very well made. Actually they are handmade in Brasil in their own manufactory. I really like them and experienced a very comfortable feeling when wearing them for long hours or walks as well. Thumbs up, Ahimsa!
I was not sure if I would ever be able to find the perfect pair of jeans when I decided to buy fair fashion. This issue is now solved thanks to MUD Jeans. Justine already presented this label right here. The jeans got such a nice fit. Anyways one thing surprised me the most: I was so amazed by the quality ot it when I opened the package. I would not have expected that this pair of jeans will feel similarly well made as high premium jeans from bigger companys. But they do! There is also other colors available. This truly is the perfect choice for everybody looking for fair fashion jeans with reasonable prices.
The jacket and the t-shirt can be found at American Apparel. I truly love this jacket Justine gave to me as a present. I can highly recommend it to everybody!
The t-shirt is a white pure cotton v-neck. There is plenty of variations of tees available through American Apparel’s online shop and stores. The brand does not support sweatjobs, the clothes are made in USA.
The details I show to you in this post do also fit perfectly for women. On the one hand there is this organic rubber case for my phone that is made in Italy. I would have never thought that there is a non-leather case by Gucci but obivously there is and I love it! It truly makes your phone a little bit more special. On the other hand there is this beautiful bracelet by BU Designs. Fair and sustainable produced, vegan and stylish, it can’t get better. Find out more about BU designs’ accessories in this post.

I am really looking forward to our March outfit. Have a nice start into spring. We’ll read from each other in a few weeks. Cheers.

















What I wear (100% vegan, 100% fair):
Mud Jeans Slim Lassen Pure Blue Jeans
Ahimsa hand made Sneakers
Bu Designs Buddha Bracelet
V-Neck by American Apparel
Sweat-Jacket by American Apparel
Gucci organic rubber iPhone cover

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