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Go Green: Pea-Avocado-Quinoa To Go

I love to share recipes with you that are super delicious as a to-go-meal as well. This Quinoa dish tastes super good and is tasty even when it already cooled down. You already know the avocado dressing from the Lilac Rice Party, one of my favorite recipes on the blog!


Ingredients for two (cooking time: 25-30 minutes):
300g peas
30g fresh spinach
150g quinoa
two onions
one avocado
fresh lemon juice

Ingredients for the avocado dressing:
one avocado
fresh herbs
salt, pepper
100ml almond milk/coconut milk
fresh lemon juice

Instructions: Put the quinoa in boiling water. Heat the peas up in a pan. It only takes some minutes until they are ready. Cut the onions into small pieces and roast them in a pan with some coconut oil. The quinoa stays in the boiling water for about 12 minutes. Remove the water.
Next step, the avocado dressing: Just mix all the ingredients with a dash of lemon juice. I’m sure you will love it. It’s so good! Now it’s time to cut the second avocado into small pieces. Add some lemon juice to it. Mix the quinoa with the roasted onions, the peas, the avocado and fresh spinach. Add some pepper and salt to improve the taste. Enjoy with the avocado dressing!




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