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Back to Basics: 10 Fairtrade Basics Label

Who doesn’t know this situation: The wardrobe is full of clothes but you still have nothing to wear. This was due mainly to my passion for shoes, jackets and bags. I always preferred to buy a bag or shoes than buying a basic jeans or shirt. So I had lots of accessories but it was hard for me to combine outfits because of the lack of basics i just mentioned.

Some months ago I tried to change the situation with focusing on buying basics instead of bags etc. Actually it worked out really well for me. Of course I still got more shoes than shirts haha. Today I want to present a lot of amazing basics labels to you. All of them can be categorized as fair fashion, some of them focus on sustainability as well.


2. Greenshirts

3. Stanley & Stella


5. Guter Stoff

6. Grundstoff

7. Avour

8. Daily’s Nothing’s Better

9. By Signe and JAN ‚N JUNE

10. Erdbär

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