Black meets Pink

I think there hasn’t been any outfit until now without a serious amount of grey or black pieces. I can’t describe why but I just feel comfortable when wearing these plain and neutral colours. While I’m planning to discover new colour combinations in spring and summer I stay neutral today with the all time classic: black. I combined a pullover by ARMEDANGELS. Knitwear by this label really is a very good investment! This one is fully made out of organic cotton. In case you are on a shopping diet: Don’t visit their new collection, you will not be able to resist!

Ps: Do you like my new sunglasses? They are not only very pretty but fair sustainable produced. I’m in love and I’m sure many of you are as well. See below for details.










WHAT I WEAR (100% vegan, partly fair produced): ARMEDANGELS pullover (fair), Stella McCartney shoes (fair), BuDesigns necklace (fair), trousers (selfmade), Dick Moby sunglasses (fair) Stella McCartney bag (fair),  Zara jacket (similar hier)


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