TGIF: Thank god it’s „Freitag“

I got a new laptop skin and definitely wanted to let you know about it. But there is not just a case, here’s a new vegan fair-fashion outfit for men: TGIF: Thank god it’s „Freitag“. 
Freitag is an upcycling label from Switzerland. They produce bags, wallets and nearly everything you can imagine by reusing truck planes. Yes, this means their products are not only sustainable but also very stout. Besides, this skin looks pretty, pretty stylish.
You can also see this beautiful pullover by Greenshirts combined with the „Slim Lassen“ by a one of a kind fair-fashion-jeans label: MUD Jeans. The material for both of these products is fully recycled and sustainable produced. I have owned this pair of jeans for quite some time now and I have to say: For less than 100 bucks the quality is nothing less than epic!
I still love my sneakers by Ahimsa like on the first day! I sometimes wear them for four or five days in a row because they are so easy to combine with various outfits and feel very comfy even when I walk a lot. Let’s not forget about my bu Designs bracelet I show to you for the first time in this post, isn’t it beautiful?











What I wear (100% vegan):
Pullover by Green Shirts
Jeans by MUD Jeans
Sneakers by Ahimsa
Bracelet by bu Designs
Laptop Skin by Freitag

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