One guy, two faces: Outfit double trouble with Hoodlamb

The weather forecast lately reminds me of some stock market charts: up, down, up, down, good, bad, horrible, great. This means you really want to have a great, good looking jacket in your wardrobe to survive rainy days. If you are looking for a vegan, fair fashion model you are going to need some time to find one, or you just continue reading because I found one. Hoodlamb is a label that had been founded with the goal to develop the perfect surfer’s jacket. The brand worked and still works with the strongest fiber for fashion pieces out there: Hemp. Hoodlamb supports local hemp farmers in the north of China. They produce only once a year because the brand highly respects the ressources and the environment. I really like this philosophy and it still gets better: The jackets do not only look very good, they are practical as well!

But let’s talk about the pictures you can see.
I wear the Summer Tech 4-20 in two different colours on the pictures in this post. The „Sand“ and the „Summer Blues“ are great choices for casual looks. There is of course a black one for those of you who want to combine it to a casual business look for example. What I got most excited about when I opened the package was the practicality of the jacket. There are so many pockets, especially on the inside oft he jacket, it’s just amazing. You could fit two iPad Minis in there and protect them from getting wet on rainy days. Of course you would never need to do this but I just want to underline how many things you can carry with you in this jacket. Anyways in terms of looks and quality I can not say anything less than I know I am going to have this for a long time and I will use this jacket a lot when I’m outside. I combined the jacket to my Ethletic sneakers which I still love as on the first day.


Everybody who had a chat about style with me at least once knows that I’m a watch-guy. I just love vintage watches and everything that comes with them. It starts with the patina, the timeless designs and some crazy changes on the watches because of the sun such as so called „Tropical Dials“. Today, I want to bring a new, modern watch on the table and it is a very special one: A Jord watch, largely made of wood. It starts with the case and ends with the bracelet. The first thing I noticed was how amazingly light this thing feels on the wrist. It’s just like there were no watch! I start to appreciate that more than I thought in the first place. The movements are mostly Citizen or Seiko movements which I really appreciate, this is definitely a good choice. Jord offers not only battery powered watches but also automatics and chronographs. Some of them even got sapphire glass covers which means you can nearly never scratch the glass! All this is what you are looking for when you consider buying an everyday watch from a fashionable brand like Jord. I am really looking forward to experience the wearing comfort and outstanding style of this watch on a daily basis in summer!












DSC_0051 2

What I wear (100% vegan, 100% fair)
Outfit 1 (Sand)
Jacket by Hoodlamb
Shirt by FunktionSchnitt
Trousers (similar) by Braintree
Shoes by Ethletic
Watch by Jord

Outfit 2 (Summer Blues)
Jacket by Hoodlamb
Shirt by Braintree
Trousers (similar) by MUD Jeans
Shoes by Ethletic

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