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It’s a wrap! Rainbow-Wraps with Beetroot-Hummus

To start I need to make something clear before those of you who read this blog regularly expose me: I do not like beetroot. But since it just looks fancier and I know there are a lot of you out there who like it I used beetroot to make the hummus look pink. If you do not like the taste as much (like me), just prepare the salad without beetroot. Of course we did not need to throw this away. Alex loves beetroot and so he was more than happy to eat the cold wraps. Of course the fresh, „out of the oven“-version is even better 😉

You do not like Beetroot? No problem at all. 

What I actually tried to bring across at the beginning of this text: Just use any hummus you like. Tomato-hummus, pepper-hummus or classic hummus.


Ingredients for two:
400g canned chickpeas
one beetroot
two cloves of garlic
2 (gluten- and wheatfree) wraps
50g fresh spinach
half a lime
one red pepper
200g cherry tomatoes
a handful pine nuts
salt, pepper, olive oil
opt: fresh greens, tahina, coconut milk

Put one beetroot covered in kitchen foil in the oven. Shortly before it’s ready you can put the peppers and tomatoes in as well. The peppers will need approximately 15 min in the oven, the tomatoes will only need 5. 
As soon as the beetroot is ready you can cut it into pieces and add the chickpeas, a little bit of olive oil, some water (as much as you want, this is just about the texture) and two cloves of garlic and blend it all together to get delicious hummus. 
I put some water on the wraps and put them in the oven for some minutes. After I took them out I added the hummus, afterwards the peppers and the spinach, fresh lime juice and roasted pine nuts. Season with pepper and salt. Now put this together like a wrap should look like and you are done. Enjoy!


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