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The easiest summer-salad feat. watermelon

A short while ago my sister invited us for dinner to have pizza at her place. I randomly asked her if she ever tried a recipe from the blog. She told me that she thought about trying the mango lassi once. So the actual answer was no. Why? The recipes look so complicated (they aren’t, but you know that). So, here’s the most simple and awesome salad I could think of. Just for you Madeleine (and all the other readers of course ;-))!

We do not leave the fanciness factor out on this one anyways!

How you get that? Easy game! Just roast the watermelon pieces gently in coconut oil and agave syrup. This will make this taste very special. 


Ingredients for two serves:
400g chickpeas
100g salad (just take the salad you like the most)
1/4 watermelon
one lemon
tahini as much as you like (sesame paste)
Salt, pepper
optional: fresh herbs

Wash the chickpeas and put half of them in the oven for about 10-15 minutes at 200 degrees. Season the chickpeas with salt and pepper. Next step: Cut the watermelon into small pieces and mix it with the salad. Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix the other half of the chickpeas with tahini and add this to the salad. Add some greens, salt and pepper. Last step: Take the crunchy chickpeas out of the oven and add them oven fresh to the salad. Enjoy!



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