13 inspirational Eco Instagram Accounts: Zero Waste, Eco-Lifestyle, Fair Fashion & sustainability


Ellen Fisher:



Kristen Leo:


Loni Jane:

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Does anyone else love their pantry??😄hahah. Cause I sure do 💛✔️👌 I feel like it is much easier to get creative or think of things to make when you can see your ingredients clearly! I'm proud to say that I am an ambassador for The Source Bulk Foods⭐️ @thesourcegoldcoast buying in bulk is something I believe in strongly and it has been a part of my weekly food haul for years! I love being a part of something special and sharing information with people about something I'm passionate about, this being food/ and less waste/ less packaged foods👍 so here's to a pretty pantry and lots of good healthy food without all the plastic 🌞 #feelthelean #eco ✌🏼️check out my new RECIPE EBOOK Feel The Lean 2.0 (link in bio)

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Today we ran into a #zerowaste meeting by accident 😊, organized by @zerowaste_munster and the owner of the beautiful zero waste bulk store "natürlich unverpackt" in Münster, Germany 👍💚! So cool to see such a large group of people exchanging their ideas for a more #sustainable lifestyle 💚! #goteamzerowaste 💪🚯🚫🗑!! But what I also wanted to share with u guys is our new discovery: "Einkorn" wheat (lit. "single grain wheat")! It's a grain grown in Germany that we hope will become our new brown rice! (We discovered it after we filled the big bag with brown rice though 🙈) Hubby and I LOVE our rice 🍚🍛🍙💕! We get tired of bread, potatoes and pasta real quick, but rice we can eat every single day and still love it! Problem is, rice doesn't grow here. It needs to be imported and also has a horrible water footprint. We have been reducing our rice consumption and extending our rice with potatoes chunks 😝. So imagine how happy I was to find a locally grown grain that might be able to become our new rice 😍! Can't wait to try it!!!

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Our weekly #zerowaste "haul" 😋💚✨! We try to do our weekly zero waste grocery shopping every Saturday, but we weren't at home as much as we expected last week, so we decided to use up what we have first before we would buy new food. (We hate food waste) So we did our grocery shopping today, and we made a great dinner out of some of the tomatoes and zucchini along with some raw tofu (I always binge eat on the fresh, #organic tofu)! We bought 2 jars of jam, which feels so weird bc we probably haven't bought any jam in the last 4 years! Grannies and moms of friends somehow like me and I always go home with countless jars of the most amazing homemade goodness 💕! I mean, who could say no while obviously drooling over it – well, not me 🙈😝! In any case, it's definitely not wasted on us 😋! We are considering making our own for a change (or to visit some of our dear, dear friends…).

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Madeleine Alizadeh/ dariadaria:



Janni Deler:



Max Muench: 



Vanessa Prosser:


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Yamba Yamba Yamba ✨💫

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In the Soulshine: 


Lauren Singer/ Trash is for Tossers: 



Fair Fashion OOTD:


Vegan Sidekick:


Hannes Becker:

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And all the roads that lead you there were winding.

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