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heavenly healthy fudge

I think you may have noticed that everything that contains fat automatically tastes more intense. This is the main reason why these chocolate babies are so delicious!! There are not various ingredients to this recipe. It’s pretty simple and you should definitely try it. This is nothing you are going to bake, you actually do not even need an oven. The fudge will melt in your mouth and yes, it tastes very, very good indeed. I was inspired by Heavenlynn Healthy for the title. Enjoy !



Ingredients for 50 pieces:
100g coconut oil
50g soft dates
90g maple syrup
50g cacao
50g grated hazelnuts
a little bit salt
opt: cinnamon

Mix all the ingredients together until you have a homogeneous mass. Just in case the fudge melts too quickly: Then you should put it in the fridge for a while and continue preparing it later. You can use the capsules for the fudge or a baking pan. Just spread the fudge with a height of about 2,5 centimeters and cut it in pieces as soon as it is firm. This will be the case after about two hours in the fridge.

Important: Store the fudge in the fridge as long as possible before you eat it. It melts quite quickly.






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