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Vegan Cheese Heaven

Today is all about vegan cheese! This sauce is this kind of food you wish to combine with everything you eat. Pasta, avocado salad, lentils or quinoa. It is so delicious! It really tastes like a proper cheese sauce but not to cheesy for a vegan 🙂 You maybe know what I mean. Alex’s mum brought vegan salami made out of figs and it tasted spooky meat-like, I could not eat it! The cheese sauce is easy to cook even for beginners. This is not rocket science!


Ingredients for 2:
three carrots
four potatoes
one onion
one garlic glove
75g cashewnuts
salt, pepper
250g noodles

Put the cashews in some cold water. Put the peeled carrots and the potatoes in some hot water. You may also add the carrots after the potatoes because it will take a shorter time for them to be soft. I cut the broccoli into pieces and boiled it for some minutes. The corn pasta is prepared just as it says on the package. Cut the onion into small pieces, squeeze the garlic and roast both of them gently. Mix the cashews, 250 ml of fresh water, the potatoes, the carrots, the onions and the garlic. Heat the pasta, the sauce and the broccoli together in a pan. It is so gooood!




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