How to choose a reliable bookmaker for online tennis betting

Betting on tennis tournaments is very popular and is second only to betting on football, basketball and hockey. From season to season, there are serious matches in singles and doubles at major Grand Slam tournaments, the Davis Cup, other championships and even in various exhibition games. And you can bet on each of these tournaments. But which bookmaker is the best one to choose for online betting on a tennis tournament / match?

The main parameters for choosing a bookmaker

Let us pay attention to the following main criteria for choosing a bookmaker for betting on events in the world of tennis:

  1. Legality, i.e. having a licence and approvals. This gives the assurance that you will not invest your money in a bookmaker fraudulent.
  2. Financial limits. Everyone should be sure that certain financial limits of the betting service operator will allow you to use specific strategies to win. Bet365 bookmaker's limits will suit you.
  3. The number of match offers and options and variability in betting on the game, which will allow the bookmaker's customer to use one of the proven tactics.
  4. The third criterion is essential (mandatory). When betting on tennis, it is hard to aim for success over the distance, nevertheless the game is perfectly played according to tried and tested tactics by experienced bettors.

The best strategies for modern tennis betting

For starters, it's important to understand the following: no matter how hyped a particular sports betting strategy is in general (and tennis in particular), no one can guarantee you that it will work. All because sport is a human struggle, and therefore at any moment the human factor can intervene (the occasional bruise, stress, cold or general fatigue, simple bad luck), hence any strategy can be a loser.

But there are at least 2 tactics that have a minimal level of risk. They have been tried and tested by thousands of bettors, and are therefore worthy of being called the best betting tactics in tennis tournaments. Let us examine each one in detail.

Game Betting Strategy

A tactic that is based on the elementary long-play (progressive method), however, with its own peculiarities. We select a pair of two athletes of the same level, so that the win rate of a serve (his game) at least one tennis player was about 1.6-1.7. The service factor is very important in tennis matches, even underdogs can win a few games on their serve, and defeat clear favorites. We only bet on the games of one athlete. If the bet wins, we bet the initial bet amount on the competitor's next game. In case of an unsuccessful outcome, we increase the bet amount for the next game by two and a half times. The chance that a tennis player will make a mistake in three consecutive serves is very small. This tactic on games is recommended for first sets up to 2 wins. Note, it is not recommended to bet on an athlete for whom I can give 1.71 or more.

Betting strategy on favourites who lose the first set

The tactic is based on finding pre-match pairs of favorites / outsiders, in which the victory of the first put quotations in the region of 1.35-1.55 - are quotations with a high chance of winning the athlete. Evaluating the 1st set, the opponent of the declared favourite wins with a relatively similar game. This situation often occurs in tennis, when the favourite initially learns his opponent's style of play. At 0-1 in sets, the odds of him winning increases to 1.8-2.0. Bet on him to win the match. In case the favourite suddenly loses in this pair, bet twice as much on the next similar pair. Quite seldom it is necessary to make about 5 steps to achieve success - it is often possible to get a winning bet from the second or the third attempt.


So you have to choose a bookie who is the most suitable for the chosen tennis betting strategy:

when the strategy of betting on games should be presented such options in the live betting operator;
When playing for a favorite any bookmaker who gives the opportunity to bet during the tournament is suitable in principle.
Always bear in mind the main rule of rational gambling: under no circumstances spend more than you planned to spend on gambling in the current month.