Eco-Friendly-Gentleman Must Have: Fair Trade Loop by Shipsheip

I was no loop scarf lover from the beginning. Actually Justine brought me into the loop business with a present she gave me some years ago. It was a light grey loop and I still love it today. However it is not the right partner for non-winter days because it just feels very warm and cozy. 
Here is where the Shipsheip loop takes over. It’s just perfect for an early summer evening or a late spring morning. But let’s first talk about quality. Whenever you observe myself going out for shopping you will notice that I do not simply look at the clothes, I always (I mean alwaaays) touch them. What I love more than anything is that feeling of perfect, beautiful organic cotton in my hands and that’s exactly what I experienced when I unpacked my Shipsheip loop. Just wonderful.
If you are one of these guys (I’m one of them as well, obviously) who are conscious about where their clothes are made and who made them for how much money you will love Shipsheip for it’s purpose driven production. They follow an all fair trade policy and that’s why they received three certifications: Fair Trade, GOTS and 3Freunde. I think it is so important to decide as a customer whether you should support a company or not 🙂

Awareness is the very first step to change.

Shipsheip just runs a Croudfunding Campaign for their next collection with cardigans and men’s accessories. Tell your friends! Which of the Eco-Friendly-Gentlemen out there would not want them?








This beautiful loop can be worn by women as well. Justine presented it in this post.


What I wear (100% vegan):
Shipsheip Loop Ginn Tie (GOTS, Fair Trade, 3Freunde)
BU Designs Daiji Pema (Fair and sustainable)
American Apparel Oxford shirt (No sweat jobs, made in USA)

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