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About eco dental care and brushing your teeth with a tree

Today’s post is all about dental care. I’m not a doctor but I invested some time to find out more about it and here’s a guide for you. 

1. The brush. I want to present to you two bamboo brush models. One is the Humble Brush toothbrushes. Quality of that one is not as good as it can be. I don’t like the fact that this brush looks like you had used it for 3 years after the first usage. Alex still likes his and uses it on a daily basis. The Ecobamboo is better quality. Both of them are all vegan and environmental friendly. Why bamboo? Because plastic brushes are more of a problem than you would suggest and you may not want to support plastic waste!

2. Up next: The toothpaste. Most of today’s toothpastes contain fluoride. Ask 10 people and most of them will tell you this is a good thing because you need fluoride in order to have good mouth hygiene. I think this is just wrong. If you do your research you will find out serious arguments for not using toothpaste that contains fluoride. I present to you 5 alternatives. All vegan, all free from fluoride.

a. Weleda75ml, 4,85€
b. Bioemsan: Made in Austria,  80ml, 13,50€
c. Sante: 75ml, 3,75€
d. Lavera: Made in Germany, 75ml, 2,50€
e. Urtekram: Made in Denmark, 75ml, 4,20€


3. You may have wondered, what the MISWAK thing is. It’s a fully natural tooth brush. It’s actually a piece of wood. The tree is called the toothbrush-tree. Alex tried it:
I was so excited in the first place when we discovered it. I tried it and I was a little bit disappointed because I thought it would smell and taste like toothpaste. Obviously it didn’t. It tasted like a piece of wood haha 🙂 I’m still motivated to try the MISWAK on a daily basis! There may be more information in the future on the blog when I decided to use it long term, but let’s see!

4. Aspartame is not what you want to give your body very often. But you know this because fortunately you could read about this very often recently. To give you alternatives to the mainstream aspartame containing chewing gum: here it is, the PÜR GUM.

5. Oil drag is something I’ve discovered because of our neighbors (thank you a lot for this one!). Some people will like it and some will hate it. It’s just about putting a spoon of coconut fat in your mouth and moving it around there for about 15 minutes. Do not swallow it ! Oil drag will clean your mouth and so you should spit the fat out afterwards !

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