>>It does not matter if you are pescetarian, a part time vegetarian, a paleo proponent, a passionate omni, plant eater or fruitarian. I’m glad you’re here. Everybody welcome! <<

My name is Justine, I’m 21 years old and I live in Vienna. My switch to vegan in march 2014 started a whole new chapter of my life. It was pretty special. To start eating 100% vegan did not sound difficult to me and after a short period of time, I loved it. The part that seemed way more challenging to me was to stop buying clothes and shoes that were not vegan. Yes, you’re right, I’m a hardcore vegan, some call us ethical vegans. No silk, no fur, no leather, no wool etc. I was in panic, I thought I will never ever find beautiful shoes and stylish clothes in my life again. I was – lucky me – wrong. I started looking for vegan clothes online and realized: Everybody who really wants to find what he or she is looking for, will manage to do so, without leather, without fur. If there would have been more advice concerning vegan cooking and clothes, it would have made it much more easy for me. This is exactly why I created Justine kept calm and went vegan.

My vision is to show how easy it can be to live a healthy and vegan lifestyle. I support you. If you would like to switch to the „green side of life“ – awesome! If you just want to get inspired – great! There are no downsides in changing to a vegan lifestyle.

All the best & peace,